Wednesday, October 28, 2009

no soup for you.

sooo one of our favorite things about winter/fall is the ability to make a pot of soup/stew/chili/chowder and have it last the whole week so dinners after work are as easy as can be.

so far this fall we have made:

butternut squash and apple harvest soup
recipe found here:

It was DELICIOUS, however not so great on the filling you up side.

we've made recipe, just threw some things together.

Ryan made a delicious portabello mushroom bisque.

We made a spicy chicken soup last week that was REALLY good but really reminiscent of chili:

and we have made venison stew.

ALL this to say: we need soup/stew/chowder/bisque/anything made in a large pot and lasts recipes!!!! if you have favorites please send them our way. we love to cook and we love good recipes...and we love to eat.

that's all for now. a life update to come soon considering i'll be starting a new job in a week and a half...

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