Sunday, December 20, 2009

dear new hampshire, we're mad at you.

hmm. i'm going to try to write this in the most non-judgmental way, but i'm sorry this whole incident did indeed unfold because it involved the state of new hampshire.

you see, it was friday night and ryan had found that cabela's big game hunter was on sale for $30 (normally $50) at best buy. yes, i did say cabela's big game hunter, stop judging me. You would be just as addicted as we are if you played it. Anyways, the reason this find was so exciting was because we had a $20 best buy gift card due to the promotion at best buy when buying our wii...therefore making the game only $10 out of our pocket.

SO I got home and started searching for the gift card and couldn't find it anywhere. Well, I found the little sleeve it came on, but the card wasn't attached. There was no need to panic yet, though, because I called the number on the back of the gift card holder and they told me I could go to the store with my receipt and they could just look up the card and reissue it.

so off to best buy we went and into the customer service line (which wasn't a line at all...which was great because they take forever there). we walk up explain the situation and they had to find and talk to five different people before they realized they had to call corporate. so the girl goes somewhere else in the store and talks to someone and comes back and says "good news or bad news?"

I said bad news. Save the best for last, right? I'll tell you the good news, first, because it was a joke...she told me "I was going to tell you the good news was that I just saved 15% on my car insurance." Lame.

The bad news: someone found our card and spent $16.62 at the Portsmouth, NH best buy. Okay first question is, why not spend the full $20? Second question is, how did our card get from Danvers, MA to Portsmouth, NH so quickly?!

Hypothetical situation:
say a vermonter found the card...and actually saw it drop from the person's bag. they obviously would pick it up and return it to it's rightful owner.

not the case with the new hampshire best buy go-er.

new hampshire, this is all your fault.


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  1. Hey now! No New Hampshire bashing! There are lots of wonderful New Hampshireites! :)