Sunday, December 13, 2009

our Christmas tree :)

This should be a quick one...just wanted to post some pictures of our festive little apartment.

Despite both of us feeling not 100% up to par (we were not healthy for a good three weeks...), we ventured out down rainy 128 (never a safe idea) in search of Christmas decorations the day after Thanksgiving. Last year we were able to go the llama farm and actually cut down a tree when we were in Vermont, however we didn't think those things existed here in Massachusetts so we headed to Home Depot. Secretly I think that was Ryan's ploy to get me there so he could buy some fun toys for himself, but that's neither here nor there.

So after about ten minutes looking at the trees we decided to just pick one since they were all piled on top of each other and there was no real way to dig through them all...and this is the gem we found:

We were so excited to get our first Christmas tree together!!!!! We came right home and set it up in the stand and then proceeded to decorate it with lights and beads and the very few ornaments that we have. What's funny is that as we took out each ornament we just had to laugh because, besides the 10 little round ornaments we had bought that day, about 85% of our ornaments are penguins! I suppose our family and friends know us well :) and yes, that is a penguin on the top of our tree...

We also hung up our stockings "on the mantle". Lucky for us everyone knows we love penguin stuff so our apartment was fully stocked with Christmas stuff that may or may not be displayed all year round...

So that's our little tree. It stands about 5 1/2 feet and we love it :) We also strung up white lights on our porch because Christmas lights are fun....even if it doesn't actually look like Christmas outside! We love this time of year!! We are celebrating our Christmas together before we go to expect more pictures soon :)

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