Monday, March 22, 2010

what we do Thursday night's at 9pm...

Okay, I'm going to blame this sequence of events on good weather and cancelling cable.

Last Sunday we cancelled our cable...both as an attempt to save money and as an attempt spend our time in a more productive manner. I can say I'm really enjoying not having cable, even though it is the middle of March Madness (thank you for broadcasting EVERY game).

so last Thursday night we grilled our dinner because it was oooohhhhh 65 degrees in the middle of why wouldn't we grill our dinner and enjoy it out on our porch?! It was such a delightful start to our evening when we decided that an adventure was in store as opposed to settling in and watching tv because that was no longer a possibility...

So off to Home Depot we went (who doesn't go on their adventures to Home Depot?!) to find a house plant to liven up our gray wall papered and gray carpeted lame living room. So we are wandering around the store picking out our plant and the pot when we think to ourselves..."let's paint the kitchen!" So I promptly call Ed (the best landlord I've ever encountered) and ask him if we can paint the kitchen. He responds, "as long as it's not purple!" He even told us we didn't have to paint it back if it was a neutral color!!

So we picked out our color (without bringing samples home first...), got our supplies and headed back home around 9 pm to clean out the kitchen and start painting! was a GREAT idea at home depot...but at 1:30 am we were a little tired, but still glad we did it while we sat in bed eating a bag of chips and salsa because we were starving from working so hard!

a VERY white kitchen complete with white floors,
white cabinets, white counters and white walls:

and AFTER...a happy yellow kitchen:

so that was our Thursday night...we're THRILLED with our yellow kitchen and it makes it feel so much more homey in our little apartment! It's quite wonderful what a gallon of paint will do for a room and a home :) Good thing we cancelled cable, huh?!


  1. Doesn't Ed know purple is Cousin's fav color? Wonder what is next in the cableless home? Can't wait to find out!