Sunday, May 9, 2010

the siphon.

i've been meaning to write about this wonderful invention for quite some time, but it's been a little busy around here. okay it hasn't, we've just been thoroughly enjoying our time that we get to spend together now that ryan is not working all the time. Anyways...Ryan decided at some point during tax season that we should buy a siphon so we could have the best tasting coffee that one can drink. It's an all glass coffee maker and it apparently makes the purest coffee because it only touches glass. I just think it's really cool because it's fun to fact we started to document everyone watching it...

the poshak's and the quack's gather round the siphon.

big o LOVES it.

clearly jaq is having fun.

I mean...just look at the joy and awe on the faces of these wonderful friends. so the way it works is it heats up the water using the flame and then you put the top piece on witht he grounds and the water defies gravity and gets sucked up a tube to brew. then you extinguish the flame and the coffee filters down and then you drink and enjoy! it's just oh so wonderful!

so that's the siphon...clearly a good investment :)