Sunday, August 1, 2010

a quick update!

Hi readers :)

Clearly I never finished blogging Guatemala...sorry about that. In short our return trip from Guatemala included an erupting volcano, a tropical storm, a four hour trek to el salvador and a 24 hour return trip to get back to Boston via LA. sounds roundabout? it was. it was nice to be finally home.

and since then life just TOOK OFF.

within a week of being home I had the opportunity interview at Gordon in the development office. I was offered the job that and was able to give my two weeks notice and finish up at Vinfen on July 6th. Saying that this job opportunity was a huge answer to prayer is an understatement. I was commuting 50 to 60 minutes each way to Vinfen...and once I got there I would be on the road seeing clients all day. I felt like I lived in my car. I quickly realized that this job was not for me shortly after starting in to finally get a job, and at GORDON was just so exciting.

So since I was ending my job at Vinfen and starting a job 5 miles from home...we decided to start our family :) And don't worry, I mean starting our family with a puppy, not a child. We looked in MA and VT for breeders and could not find a single one that had affordable labradoodles or goldendoodles. I then decided to look in Rochester...and the first breeder I found was a winner! So we set up a pick up date for our little guy and were able to pick him up July 4th weekend....which was prefect because all of our family was in town and we got to see everyone!

so we got beanies and came back home to settle in with him. I had the week off and started at Gordon on July 12th. It's WONDERFUL being back at Gordon. I love it there. I loved it as a student and I love it as an employee. What a HUGE blessing it is to be back.

So life has been crazy. We celebrated our one year anniversary. Celebrated my birthday with a week long celebration. and we are continually learning to live life with beans.

i promise, i'll try to be more consistent with blogging...but who knows what the next few weeks are going to bring!

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