Wednesday, August 11, 2010

things we've been learning.

So since beans became part of our family we've learned a lot about ourselves and being "parents"

1. We no longer come first. so the funniest thing about getting beans has been going from Ryan&Nicole to Beans, Ryan & Nicole. We've been referred to as the Beans family, mama beans and papa beans, our roommate has been told..."you live with beans!" Also, when walking into social gatherings with beans, most everyone acknowledges beans before they say hi to us. We are 100% fine with this...we actually love that most everyone adores Beans. We're so glad we have a loveable little pup and are so proud to have him be a part of our family.

2. We no longer determine our sleeping schedule. Since beans is a growing boy, his bladder can't quite hold as much piddle as we would like it to on the weekends. The latest we've gotten up in the past month is 7 am. It's a darn good thing Beans is so cute, this wouldn't be worth it otherwise ;)

3. We have so many more friends. Okay, maybe not friends, but we now know so many more of our neighbors than we did prior to beans. We know Julia and her pup Chloe. We've gotten to know our neighbors and their dog Guiness more now. Our next door neighbors have Teddy and Annie and they've become friends. I've since learned that their owner is a Gordon grad and their son is going to Gordon in the fall. The lady down the street with the cocker spaniel loves how quickly Beans is growing and the people with the yellow lab are so friendly. She's so shy, that yellow lab, so she doesn't try to be friends with Beans. Then there is the bike riding man with the cute black lab who is oh so skittish. It's so fun walking Beans and getting to know the people in our only took a year!

4. Having a puppy is such hard work. Now we knew that Beans was going to be hard work...but we did not understand how much work it would be. Training this little guy takes constant attention. We have to have eyes on him all the time...or he will swallow a sock whole like he did last night (we're waiting for poop that out...otherwise it's going to be a very expensive sock). He's constantly into something, but he is learning. He no longer chews on cords and has stopped chewing the boxes holding our bakeware in the kitchen. He's learning but we know he still has a long way to go.

5. The hard work is worth it. Despite the amount of work Beans can be. And despite how annoying the alarm going off at 6am every morning is getting. And despite the chewed up cardboard boxes in the kitchen...Beans is totally worth it. He's such a precious little pup when he is first waking up. He immediately flops on his back to get a belly scratch when we open his crate. Too cute. And I find so much joy in bringing Beans outside and watching Ry call to him and watching Beans little furry bum bound to Ry so excitedly. We are having so much fun with Beans and we're so glad he is a part of our little family.


  1. Sounds like good practice for parenting!

  2. What a wonderful list of life lessons! Hope you two continue to grow closer as your marriage deepens your faith!