Sunday, November 21, 2010

new furniture, a dog park and fifty pounds of potatoes...

So the first weekend off of soccer we headed to VT for the weekend. It was a quick, but nice visit. We got to go see Ashley and Devin's new house and hang out with them for a bit, which was really nice! The point of this chitter chatter about VT is to tell you what happened when we returned home from furniture:

I am VERY excited about this new furniture...because, not only did we get new furniture, I also convinced Ryan to pull up the gray carpet (that conveniently matched the old wallpaper on the wall). The pulling up of carpet was quite an ordeal, because once rolled, the thing weighed a million pounds. We ended up having to put it through the window to get it out to the garage. BUT, once that all happened and we got the furniture situated...the living room feels about 100 times better and cozier. I'm hoping to get an area rug in here sooner rather than later, I just have to find one i like.

Okay, time to switch gears completely. Last weekend was our first weekend at home together since mid-August. What a nice treat!! we treasure our Saturday's together since they only exist in the months of Mid-April to Mid-August, November and December. Well last weekend we wanted to make sure we spent a ton of time with our little Beaners because as the weather has been changing and darkness comes at 4:30, it's hard to let him run around like he needs to during the week, so we brought him to Singing Beach. WOW! it was AWESOME. It's like a doggie playground during the off-season. Everyone congregates with their dogs and the dogs chase each other and get tired out and have so much fun. What a wonderful, wonderful place to bring a hyper you can then relax while the puppy promptly takes a nap upon arrival home. I took Beans there yesterday for a quick walk - there weren't a ton of dogs, but it was a gorgeous day:

And finally...switching gears again. It's that time of year again when Thanksgiving festivities are plentiful! We went to one last weekend (which I mentioned in my last post), and we have one again today (which I am not at...I'm actually home sick on the couch...boring). This one, though, is a 90 person Thanksgiving at our church, so we had to prep yesterday morning. Ry and I were in charge of potatoes. Fifty pounds of them, to be exact. So we showed up at church at 9...and by 11:30 there were fifty pounds of mashed potatoes packaged and ready to be heated for today's lunch:

I'm super bummed that I am sitting on my couch blogging and not at church today, but I have absolutely no voice and I'm wiped out and have been sick since Wednesday since I've refused to let my body rest...and now my body is making me rest. So rest I will, for I must be healthy for Wednesday's Lembo family ravioli making and Thursday's Lembo family Thanksgiving... there will always be a wonderful Pigeon Cove Chapel Thanksgiving next year!

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