Sunday, December 12, 2010

so much fun happening here:

So it seems like we've continued to go non-stop since soccer season ended. Every day has some sort of activity planned, but that's what keeps life fun!! This weekend started out Friday evening with Erin, Jake, Lindsay and Warren in Newburyport. Newburyport is a cute little ocean town about 45 minutes from us. The first and second Friday night's in December they do a Christmas celebration and the shop sstay open late and there's a ton of we ventured out, thanks to Erin's excellent planning (I'm glad we have a friend that actually does the planning, otherwise we would never do anything...I'm terrible at finding cool things to do!). It was great - a bit cold, but fun! Ryan tried some caviar at the jewelry store:

And then we kept walking and saw so many people carrying bags of popcorn, so we set off on a mission to find the popcorn...and the insurance agency was making kettle corn in the street! DELISH:

we wandered, listened to carolers and music and laughed. it was so nice. Then we went back to Warren and Lindsay's and played a game called Quelf. Oh my gosh. I nearly peed my pants laughing so hard at some points. This is the game of random..example: erin drew a card that made her have her thumbs in her mouth the whole game and when talking she had to have her thumbs in her mouth while touching her shoulders. Ry had a card that made him laugh any time someone else did. Jake had to annouce every time he had a question by raising his hand and saying "excuse me, i feel a question coming on..."...and it goes on. It was just a fun and relaxing Friday night.

Saturday was a nice day as well. Ry got up with Beans and let me sleep an extra hour when he came in to wake me up with the scent of a dutch apple pancake wafting in with him. Yes, he is an amazing man. He went off to the gym and I got to go on a coffee date with one of my players. One of my favorite parts of being a coach is getting to know my players off the field. I have a team full of amazing girls and I feel so blessed to be a part of GoCoWoSo. Anyways - afterwards it was back home to cook (butternut squash soup and a chocolate cake that was supposed to be a layer cake that turned into a trifle because it did not want to come out of the pan...) and get ready because we had tickets for the Bruins last night!!

It was a pretty good game..until four seconds left in OT. The Bruins made a HORRIBLE giveaway in the Flyers zone and the Flyers intercepted a bad pass and took it up the ice on a 3 on 1 break and beat Thomas to the near post. Sigh. It was pretty funny after the Flyers scored - it was just so anticlimactic and everyone just got up and left. It was a fun way to spend a Saturday night with Ry, though.

And then today! A nice service at church. It feels so warm and cozy at church with everyone around for Christmastime. We had to get right home, though, because Jaq and Dodd came over for games!! We haven't seen Dodd in a year since she has been in Alabama for her AIA work. We had Buffalo chicken dip (compliments of Jaq) while we played Phase 10:

And butternut squash soup after we played Bananagrams:

That soup is delish and you can find the recipe here:

It was so fun seeing those two. We love playing games with them and just enjoy their company.

So...another wonderful weekend in the books. Next weekend seems quiet as of right now - we're hoping to have some time to actually spend time at the apartment...but who knows if that'll happen!

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