Saturday, January 15, 2011

ice, a new life and a fabulous trip.

january 13: after the big snow day everyone was still trying to recover from the massive amount of snow we got. The snow piles were bigger than the cars!! I secretly had hoped for another snow day, despite how far behind that would have put me at work, but to no avail. Everything was still snow and ice covered. Our porch had some cool ice forming on it and I tried getting a few shots, but I was too much of a bumkin to get the tripod out...but I did get this one (not my fav ever, but it'll do):

january 14: Friday was a fun day as the development office got to enjoy lunch at Bertucci's in celebration of the calendar year-end!! We have the most wonderful team - so many people who love serving God through their work at Gordon...and it's all very cool to be a part of. The highlight of lunch was definitely seeing Jen and meeting baby Drew!! Jen is off on maternity leave and we definitely miss having her at the office ... and look at baby Drew...WAY TOO PRECIOUS!

january 15: today was such a fun day! Ry and I left the house at 9 to head off to Wrentham and the 150 outlets there. Our first stop was to Banana Republic...and we were there for TWO HOURS. whoops. We both managed to find so many things that we LOVED. I have so many new sweaters, which is great because I own maybe two that I actually wear. One would think that after 7 years in New England, I'd actually own some suitable clothes, but nope. Not until today could we call my wardrobe winter appropriate. My favorite item, though, was a great new coat with really cool toggle buttons! YAY! Look at the bags...and the coat (toggle buttons not showing, whoops!):

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