Monday, January 24, 2011

i've been slacker.

I must apologize (especially to you, Lisa!) to my faithful picture of the day checkers, but I have been slacking. I was reminded by Lisa today, whom I saw at the gym (yay!) that I hadn't posted in over a week. Yipes! It was NOT a good week for pictures. In fact, I neglected to take a picture on Monday (a sort of day off) AND Thursday. Work was SO busy last week, all I could do was eat, sleep and think about everything that needed to get done at the office.'s the lot of not so great pictures...

january 18: Remember that shopping spree and the banana republic trip we took?! Well it was time to break out all the great new clothes and I started with this warm and cozy gem (the picture isn't great, but the sweater sure is!):

january 19: Tuesday night greeted us with a brown out after the day full of icy, slushy snow. This means that the power goes out, but only half goes out. This is apparently the worst kind of power outage to have because of everything that goes, the heat and hot water unexpectedly don't work and you don't find out until you wake up the next morning to 56 degrees and no hot water. Ugh not a great way to start the work day. I had such a hard work out the night before and not showering was not an I heated up water on the stove and bathed out of this (tmi, sorry):

january 21: Skipping over Thursday (so sorry, my faithful followers!) and we find ourselves with a three hour delay. This was slightly stressful to my day because I was planning on going in an hour early as I had all week since I was in training and had to accomplish eight hours of work from 7-10. The good news about this, though, was I had time to sit, sip coffee, snuggle with Beans and watch Sportscenter. FABULOUS. It also meant that most everyone worked from home, so I wore my most comfy jeans, a big comfy sweater and my slippers because I was hidden away in my online training all day. Here's a look at the insane amount of snow we have right now (AND THERE IS TEN MORE INCHES COMING ON WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY!!):

january 22: Ugh. This is not a celebrated day in the Dumas household. It was Ryan's first Saturday of tax season. While we are extremely grateful that he has a great job, this is not one of our favorite parts. Beans must have known something just wasn't right and watched sadly as Ryan headed off to work at 8am on Saturday morning:

january 24: We'll skip over Sunday because I didn't take a picture...and that brings us to 7 am this morning when it was a BALMY -2 degrees. It didn't FEEL that cold until my handy dandy thermometer in my fabulous subaru told me it was that cold. Knowing it's negative degrees outside made it feel THAT much colder. So thankful that the temperature will crawl back up into the high 20s/low 30s before we get hit with a massive snowstorm Wednesday night:

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  1. YAY! Thanks Lembo...and you still got some great shots!! Congrats on the new camera! That's awesome! I am currently saving up for one as well...happy 3 hour delay today!