Tuesday, January 11, 2011

not the shot i wanted...but we'll take it.

january 11: 1.11.11 means it is our one and a half year anniversary. this fact has absolutely nothing to do with the picture of the day, but I enjoy this fact, so I'm sharing it.

Anyways - my goal today was to capture the little amount of snow there is on the ground right now. It's not that little, there's probably a good base of five or so inches from the last storm over Christmas. However, I wanted to capture this because tomorrow we are supposed to get slammed with another nor'easter. It's supposed to be so bad during the morning commute that everything is already being closed for tomorrow (Gordon is closed - announced at 4pm today and Ryan's work is closed if it snows...but if that's the case, then they're open on MLK jr. day...another story for another day). Anyways - I was failing at getting my stupid autofocus to work, which meant I should have turned it on manual and just taken my shot. However, I turned around to find Beans peering out at me and I've been trying to catch that on camera for WEEKS, so I had to snap (please ignore the no smoking sticker - that's been here since we moved in...makes us giggle). I just love this "little guy." This is exactly what he does when I leave for work in the morning. Too stinkin' cute:

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