Sunday, January 30, 2011

please bear with me, my favorite subject to photograph may or may not be beans...i apologize. Also - all my days are getting confused and blurring together, so I'm not quite sure all of these are accurate. Consider this week a fail. I'll be better, I promise!!

january 26: Another snow morning!! We had a three hour delay at what I should really have a picture of is the massive amounts of snow piled everywhere. I'll get to that some day. We're supposed to get more on Tuesday, so maybe I'll snap something then. For now enjoy this cute little muffin head:

january 27: So we do a BJ's run once a month to fill the house up with things for lunches and tasty treats so we don't get bored of the same old same old. This week we might have stumbled upon some toaster strudels. Whoops...the coupons always seem to lead us astray. Anyways, after dinner we both had one and I told Ry the only way I was eating one was if he participated in a frosting decorating contest with me. Clearly he won as he created a snowboarder jumping off a jump in honor of the x games. All I could muster was a heart with his initials in it. Point, Ry:

january 28: So this past may Ry and I had the privilege of going to Guatemala for eight days (well it was supposed to be eight, but it turned into ten. That's a story I'll save for another day, though.) Anways, while we were there we stopped in Antigua for four days and one of the things we did was go to a coffee farm!! That was definitely one our favorite parts of the trip. The coffee there was DELICIOUS and we said we'd buy some when we got back. Fast forward...oooooooh seven months...and still no coffee from Finca Filadelfia. So since it's tax season and Ry lives on coffee, we decided to order some and it finally came in! YAY!

january 29: Another tax season Saturday. I was quite busy all day as I got to enjoy a coffee date with one of my players, take Beans for a nice long walk and catch some of the Gordon Mens Basketball game. I had to make sure I was home in time to make Ry dinner - Chicken and Biscuits, one of our ALL time fav comfort foods. I'm still looking for the winning recipe, but this one didn't turn out all that bad:

january 30: Woohoo! SUNDAY!! Time to spend time with Ry (except that he's currently sleeping on the couch with a terrible headache, which always seem to accompany tax season). We woke up early (thanks, Beans), made coffee, tidied up the apartment and then snuggled in for some Bible reading (we're in Exodus and only five days behind schedule for reading through the Bible in a year). Afterwards Ry was looking for tables to buy (AND FOUND ONE - I pick it up Friday, so you'll see it then!) when Beans decided to sit down and share his coffee with him. I couldn't resist snapping a pic:

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