Wednesday, January 12, 2011

the snow day.

january 12: yesterday at 4 pm Gordon announced that it would be closed today due to the weather reports predicting up to 18 inches of snow for today. Well, those weather reports certainly did not disappoint. The amount of snow that fell and is still falling is crazy! I haven't seen a storm like this in quite some time!! The snow day was great. Ry had off, too. We slept in, drank coffee, read, started our quest to read the bible in a year (yes, we know we're starting 11 days late...but we just found the plan we wanted to follow), played with Beans outside and relaxed. Fabulous. Nothing was on the to-do list due to the unplanned-ness of this day. Here are a few shots of the day...couldn't pick just one:

#1: This was at approximately 4pm today. It had been snowing for about 12 hours and it was still continue to fall as we went out to brush off the cars.

#2: I can't resist taking pictures of this puppy:

#3: I repeat, I can't resist taking pictures of this puppy:

#4: Warm and cozy on the inside - cold and snowy on the outside:

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