Tuesday, January 4, 2011

this is harder than I thought.

january 4: wow. this picture thing every day is rather difficult. I mean, we lead a very exciting life (I write as we sit here watching Dance for your Life....) So my picture today is a picture of the Christmas cards I will be taking down today. I LOVE CHRISTMAS CARDS!! I love the weeks leading up to Christmas anticipating getting the mail every day, hoping for a good Christmas card. This year certainly did not disappoint. Look at this collection:

I wish I could leave them up all year round...but the strings that all those clothes hangers are on are starting to fall down, so down they must come! This is also a constant reminder of how we did NOT send a Christmas card. I was so set on sending one with a picture of me, ry AND beans...but we did not have a good picture of the three of us for a card...so they never got made. I, however did get a great shot while in VT! So if we were to send a card now, it would have this picture wishing you a Merry Christmas from Ryan, Nicole & Beans:

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