Monday, January 10, 2011

To Baltimore and back!

january 7: We finally made t to the end of the week...and it was time to hit the airport!! We were off to Baltimore to finally visit my mom and mike in their new city!! Our flight was at 7:15 and everything was on time and we landed at 8:45!!! I love that it's a short 1.5 hour flight down there. Here's Ry in the airport waiting to fly...playing Battleship to pass the time :)

january 8: We woke up and had a lazy-ish morning munching on granola and yogurt and watching the news. Delightful. Oh I should mention the snow plows woke us had snowed about a half inch and the snow plows were out in full force, along with the snow blowers...too funny. Anyways - we all bundled up to brave the cold and headed off to Lexington Market. It's a cool place with tons of places to eat and buy food - not your typical public market. We wandered around a bit, Ry got some delish donuts, while Mike got oysters on the 1/2 shell. It was then off to the Harbor to stroll around. It's cool down there, but when it's freezing out there's not too much going on - we can't wait to go back during the summer!! We then headed to a section of town called Canton...cute row houses and tons of shops/restaurants. Definitely a cool place to explore!! Then it was back to the apartment and off to a nice dinner! It was a great day full of exploring. Here's a pic of the four of us:

january 9: We had another lovely lazy morning and got up the courage to bundle up and head to Annapolis after packing up all our things. WHAT A CUTE TOWN!!! I love it there. So so so many cool stores and shops and so many people wandering around even with 30 degree temperatures!! We tried to wander onto the Naval Academy property...but we went to the wrong gate and they wouldn't let us in, so we spent the day wandering in and out of shops and had a lunch at a sports bar during the Ravens game (did i mention everyone is CRAZY about the Ravens?!) Anyways - it was a great last day for our quick trip. Can't wait to go back in the summer!! Here's a pic of main st. in Annapolis:

january 10: So my wonderful friend Lindsay was over not too long ago and noticed that was severely neglecting my cactus that my former boss gave me when I left Vinfen, so she watered it and I swear she has a magic touch. It started to bloom in no time! I was upset, though, because I thought I was going to miss it's beautiful flower while we were gone over the weekend...but check it out! It's still there:

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