Thursday, January 6, 2011

what a deal.

january 6: I went to target after work tonight for a couple of things. I was getting ready for work this morning, using the hair straightener, when I noticed my hair was not getting straight. I figured that I accidently bumped it off, so I hit the button to turn it back on. Fail. It was dead. So off to target I went. I was greatly discouraged in the aisle as the one that I had for five years was $15 more expensive than I wanted to spend. I decided on it anyways. So then I went off in search of a calendar for our wall. I finally found them and was disappointed to see them listed for $9. I was bummed that it was so expensive, but it was definitely meant to be hanging on the Dumas' wall. So off to check out I went...and then came the fun part. The straightener was $10 cheaper than what was listed...and the calendar. That was only $1!! FABULOUS. And check out the calendar...does it get any better?!?!

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