Sunday, February 27, 2011

eight in one.

YIPES!!! this is going to be a big one...and fair warning: it's food and beans filled. story of my life. I'm going to try to post mid week and on Sundays to avoid these wicked long posts from now on...

february 20: So I accidentally (okay, on purpose) signed up for Martha Stewart's cookie of the day email. Some days it doesn't tempt me...and then others I can't wait until it's the weekend so I can whip up a good cookie. There really isn't anything like a good cookie in my opinion. I'm partial to chocolate chip, but I've decided to branch out...and then these Banana-Walnut Chocolate Chunk cookies just had to come waltzing into my inbox. I just had to make them for bible study...

february 21: So Beans, our lovely and wonderful double doodle, has oficially picked his favorite...and it is so not me. Whenever Ryan enters the room or says one word, Beans will go flying towards him. I mean, I probably would pick Ryan as the favorite, too, but it's getting a little bit ridiculous. We even ask Beans who his favorite is and he always goes to Ryan. Whatever, I'm over it. I'll just take pictures to document it, even if Beans thinks he's a human and sits like a human on Ry's lap:

february 22: OH BOY. Another crock pot success. I cannot express how excited I am to have two of these successes in a row. It's so exciting that I'm trying ANOTHER crock pot recipe this week. So my dear friend Kayla from church told me to try salsa crock pot chicken and claimed it was the easiest meal in the world. She did not lead me astray. Since I had to find the recipe at the last minute, I found one online. This recipe was SO good and we put it over rice, ate it with chips, put it in tortillas and made it into quesadillas. The possibilities were ENDLESS:

february 23: So our dear dear friends Lauren and Michael got us HOOKED in wing night at Hale St. Tavern. The wings there are SO good and I think we could eat them every week if we tried. Since we do try to watch our wallets and our waist lines, we often will decline to join them for wings on Wednesdays. But, one can only resist wings for so long and this week we just couldn't say no. I think I could have eaten two dozen they were so good. Here's me and Lauren trying Ryan's interesting, yet successful, drumstick technique (I feel as though this evening would make my brother proud):

february 24: darn it. I had full intentions of taking a picture this day. I had been planning on what I was going to take all week. You see, I started my indoor soccer league on Thursday and couldn't wait to blog and tell you all about it. But then I forgot to take a picture, but I"m still going to tell you all about it. It was AWESOME!! It felt SO good to be out there playing again and playing with one of my best friends who I've never played before because she was busy winning national championships at Wheaton while I was at Gordon. SO MUCH FUN!! Maybe next time I'll remember to take a picture :)

february 25: So you might notice that all the pictures in this post are a bit, well, low-quality. I blame this on my cell phone camera, though, I really should blame it on the fact that I continually forget to charge my camera's battery. So look: I'm charging!!

february 26: Again...another Saturday in which I could have taken a ton of pictures. It was an all around fantastic day. It started with a good work out at the gym with a good chuckle and chat with Meg-a-leg. She's always good for one of those. Then it was back home and Linds and Erin came over for our little bible/prayer/whatever we choose to discuss Saturday morning thang. They're the best. really. the best. We ended up spending most of the day together and planned on going mini golfing later that evening. We met up with Linds and Warren at the most ridiculous and overstimulating indoor mini golf place I've ever then we decided to go back to their house and they taught us how to play Settlers of Catan. BEST. GAME. EVER. Anyways, when the girls were over in the morning, for some reason Beans decided that Linds was the favorite of the day and would NOT leave her alone. He took his spot on her lap for most of the morning...apparently he's a lap dog:

february 27: Woke up this morning to four or five inches of fresh snow falling and church being postponed until three this afternoon. Perfect. Ry siphoned coffee and I made carrot cake pancakes. We were bummin around when Ry had the genius idea to go buy Settlers. Genius, I tell you. I'm currently obsessed with this game and since no one was really around for bible study that we were supposed to host tonight, Matt and Michael came over and played with us!! Don't worry...I won :)


  1. I am trying that crock pot chicken this week! I am already salivating over how easy and delicious it looks. LOVE good crock pot recipes for the winter!!!

    PS. how were the cookies? Worth making?

  2. YEssss!!! So glad you are making the chicken. The cookies are delicious and like little yummy banana breads...but better!!!

  3. I Forgot to post... I added a half tsp each of cumin, chili owder, garlic owder and cayenne pepper to the chicken!