Sunday, February 20, 2011

a random week.

so it seems like Sunday's might be my designated blog day. Sunday is usually a day that both of us take time to sit down and relax, Ryan out of necessity due to the crazy of tax season and me out of wanting to spend as much time as humanly possible with my husband during the craziness. Did we mention he's starting grad school on March 28th?! VERY exciting...and VERY much during tax season. I suppose we're gluttons for punishment. Anyways - on to the pictures

february 14: VALENTINE's DAY! We usually don't make a HUGE deal out of this day, but we both did a little something for each other. Ryan got me a really nice card (in addition to the roses from Saturday night). The card was all in Spanish because he couldn't find one in English that was suitable for his liking. So Spanish it was. And it was cute and so very Ryan of him to do that. As for me, instead of nice words in a card, I decided to satisfy our (my) sweet tooth and make fondue to enjoy while we watched the bachelor. The Bachelor, I know, SO ROMANTIC, HUH?! :) The fondue was delish, at least!

february 15: last weekend Ry and I were sitting around and realized we could earn $40 of free clothes from Banana Republic if we used our credit card, so we decided it was time for Beans to get a new collar! I tried my best to get a soccer ball one, but Ry wasn't having it. So I giggled to myself as I typed "coffee bean dog collar" into google...and the most amazing thing of life popped up - a coffee bean collar! WHO KNEW THEY MADE SUCH A THING?!?! Fabulous. We ordered without hesitation...and it finally came in! Here's our studmuffin of a dog modeling his new collar:

february 16: no picture. sigh. this day was not awesome. it was the one year anniversary of Christopher's (my cousin) death. it was sad. we miss him so much.

february 17: Ry was on the road in Maine on Thursday and wasn't going to be getting home until 7:30. Long day for him. Lonely home for me. So I decided to call Patrick and Sarah (our pastor and his wife) and see what they were up to. Lucky for me, they weren't up to anything and took me in for dinner :) I headed over after work and, since it was GORGEOUS out, decided to go for a run when I got there. Church is located right on the water and the parsonage is right across the street. When I finished my run up I looked over and saw an AMAZING scene. The moon was HUGE and reflecting off the ocean. This picture is from my cell phone and doesn't accurately depict what I saw, but sometimes I think that God intends for us to see things and enjoy them in the moment...but I tried taking a picture anyways:

february 18: Young Alumni Night!! Woohoo!! So my friend Katie is the Assistant Director of the Annual Fund at work and also dabbles in planning the young alumni nights! This was our second event this year and we were super excited about it. It was at a home of a recent grad and we had many people signed up to come. Before the event, though, we (Me, Katie and the Director of Alumni Adrianne) stopped off at a DELICIOUS mexican restaurant: Cielito Lindo. Yum. With our full bellies we hurried off to the event, which was a HUGE success. It is so encouraging spending time around other Gordon alumni who are doing REALLY cool things. Anyways...check out this VAT of gauc we had when we were out to dinner:

february 19: What a great day this was. I wish I had taken pictures throughout the day because I hung out with two of my absolute favorite people in the morning and then they came back over with their significant others for a pizza and game night. I don't think I've laughed as hard as I did last night in a very long time. It was awesome. Oh and we made milkshakes! Too fun. BUT my day did start off at the gym. I ran, elliptical-ed and then noticed that there was an empty gym due to the basketball teams being away and the spring season sports practicing outside. PERFECT! I grabbed a soccer ball and spent time juggling and hitting the ball against the wall (I signed up for a soccer league that starts on Thursday...the rust that's been gathering for 2 1/2 years needs to be shaken off ). It was AWESOME. There are few things I love more than having a ball at my feet:

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