Tuesday, March 29, 2011

an assortment of things

march 23: I'm not sure, but I think this MIGHT be a sign that we eat way too much pizza in the Dumas house. Ry was taking our pizza out of the oven on Wednesday night and set in on the oven and it cracked into pieces!! WHAT?! Not cool. That is one loved kitchen item, so it was a sad day in our house:

march 24: So this day's schedule looked like this. Alarm clock: 6am. Get Ry ready and off to work: 6:30. Get myself out the door and to work: 8am. Work until: 4:30 pm. Spring soccer meeting: 4:30 to 5:30. SWSAC advisor meeting: 5:30 to 6:15. Leave for Soccer game: 7pm. Soccer game: 8pm. Return home: 10 pm. YIPES...it was a long day. Clearly I needed a very delicious dinner to get through it....and peanut butter and fluff won, obvi. Just look at this gooey goodness:

march 25: I forgot to take a picture this day...but we made a scrumptious dinner. Black Bean tacos! YUM!! We put the filling in a soft taco with rice and put a little zesty ranch in there. YUM!

march 26: Ry was rather discouraged since it has been nearly impossible to get an ipad2 around here. He's wanted one so that he can do his reading for school on it, but we've been able to even come close to one. We went to the mall and popped in the apple store Saturday night and they informed us that they hadn't sold out until noon. This caused a bit of frustration since I could have gotten one during the day. But don't worry, we randomly decided to stop in at best buy because we had a $10 gift card and wanted to pick up a movie. At the front of the store there was a sign that said: We have ipad2s. WHAT?! We ran in and asked the first person we saw. She said to us, "who told you that??" We told her about the sign and she asked a fellow employee, who then asked another guy. This third employee brought us to a locked case and showed us that there were two 16 gig ipad2's left for the day. AWESOME!!! We didn't hesitate, we snatched one of those suckers right up. And let me tell you, it's really cool. I didn't think I'd be that impressed, but I am. My favorite app is the bible app - we're reading through the bible together it makes it so we can bookmark, highlight and write notes. SWEET! Anyways - look how happy he is:

march 27: Ryan had a genius idea before church the other day while I was on the computer: give Beans a mohawk. OH BOY. At first I was opposed, but darn it, it's SO PRECIOUS!! Every time he walks around the corner I can't help but giggle:

march 28: Ry's grad school started on Monday - he's taking business law. I'm so proud of my grad student! Look at him go:

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