Wednesday, March 2, 2011

crock pot love and crying over spilled milk (plus espresso)

february 28: hello last day of February, so glad to finally see you. I think February is the worst month of the year. It's so cold and windy and yicky. Okay, I'm done complaining about the year's worst month. So life has been going at warp speed lately. My work has been rather busy and Ry's schedule is just nuts, as always during tax season and I have therefore fully embraced the crock pot. I broke it out again on Monday. It's hard timing it because we are gone much longer than eight hours so I usually throw it on at lunch time, which worked out perfect on Monday. I pre-chopped everything before leaving for work, which was great since I had one meeting run over and got pulled into another leaving me with only 15 minutes to put dinner together, let Beans out and grab lunch before flying back to Gordon. ANYWAYS, I picked out a corn chowder and took a shot at it. I wouldn't say it's the best chowder in the world...I think there is something to say for cooking the bacon (we used that instead of ham) and then sauteeing the onions int eh bacon grease and slow cooking it on the stove, adding things as needed. BUT all in all, the crock pot came to the rescue yet again:

march 1: Cue another insane day at work. So I had emailed my boss a question to which she replied: is anyone going to starbucks today? I said no, but quickly volunteered to stop in on my way back from lunch. I mean, who doesn't need an excuse to stop at Starbucks to get a SKVL (read: skinny vanilla latte - my current addiction)? I could use a SKVL just about any day these days. SO good. So I stopped, got our coffee and headed back to the office. There was no parking, of course, and I ended up having to park in the back of physical plant causing me to walk over an icy patch in which I imagined myself completely eating it and wiping out with our coffee. Don't worry, I made it across safely. So I headed into the building and up the stairs...and then it happened. My clumsy self caught the toe of my boot on the stair and flew forward. It was like life was in slow motion. One of the drinks went flying and the lid landed and the coffee sloshed everywhere and I didn't know which one had spilled. Then the smell hit my nostrils. It was my latte lying ALL over the stairs. Bummer. I was half relieved that Sandy's Americano stayed in tact, but I could have sat there and cried over my spilled latte. My friend compared it to holding a five dollar bill in your hand and lighting it on fire. I feel as though this is an accurate analogy. Here's the remainder of my latte spilled all over the side of my cup:

march 2: So I was walking into work this morning mourning the loss of my latte as I walked past the coffee stained stairs (I wiped as much of it up as I could, but figured physical plant would need to come through with a mop) and headed for my cube. As I turned the corner, the most welcomed sight I've ever seen greeted my SKVL from Sandy (read: best boss ever!). It was FABULOUS:

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