Thursday, March 10, 2011

fine, you caught me, i love food.

march 7: So we usually make most of our meals from scratch. It's how we were both brought up. None of this sauce from a jar, soup from a can, microwavable nonsense. There is, however, one meal that we simply cannot give up that comes out of a box. This meal might even crack the top three meals list. Now that I have you all in suspense, I suppose I'll tell you what said meal is...GORDITAS!!!! Oh my gosh. We have to restrain ourselves from eating these too often. They're so good and so easy, but mostly just good. I can't help but pile my plate with gordita goodness every time we have them. This night, though, they were especially good since I was able to pile on a heaping portion of avocado. YUM:

march 8: This is for all of my Gordon friends. And yes, it's about food, but it's more about a memory or two. So today (like most days), all I wanted in life was a chocolate chip cookie. When I say chocolate chip cookies are my favorite in life, I'm not lying. I love a good chocolate chip cookie. There's something about the chewy, chocolatey goodness that makes me so happy. Milk, no milk, crispy, chewy, I'll take it. Anyways, I found myself at work on Tuesday really wanting a chocolate chip cookie, but not knowing what on earth to do about it. AND THEN I remembered I worked at Gordon. AND THEN I remembered how much I love Gordon cookies. These are not normal cookies. These are cookies baked to perfection. Perfect doneness around the edges, perfect un-doneness in the middle. I'd eat one every day if I wouldn't blow up to a size 40. Anyways - I ran over to Lane and low and behold, there it was...a chocolate chip cookie. And when I say it was cooked to perfection, I am not lying - amazing. I love Lane cookies.

march 9: Oh, what have we here? More food? Why, of course. But again, this isn't so much about the food as it is the experience. The Chipotle experience. So Chipotle has been in our neck of the woods for quite some time, and the extent of our Chipotle experience has included walking in, looking at the prices and walking out. We thought it was just another fast food place. BUT, our dear friends linds & warren and jake & erin have tried convincing us otherwise and we finally decided to try it out. I'm. In. Love. So much fresh and tasty goodness. Not to mention the fact that I'm already obsessed with burritos (another wonderful thing that my wonderful husband introduced to me). I LOVED IT. We probably won't join the cult like following and eat there multiple times a week, but we will add it to our list of approved eateries (food snobs, i know). Look at this was so good that I ate it all in one sitting. WHOOPS!

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