Monday, March 14, 2011

a low key weekend.

march 10: The goose has landed! Hehe. That's the code we use when we send packages back and forth to Vermont...and this time the goose landed in Massachusetts! YAY! Lester (Ry's sister, Leslie) sent us a package and it was VERY exciting. There's nothing like getting real mail. Email just isn't the same as getting something in the real mail. And this was no exception. We got a box filled with books, thin mints, toll house cookie bars and home made cards! Look at these cards that Les made. They are works are of art!!

march 11: Remember how I said real mail was oh so exciting and fun? Well, the fun didn't stop on Friday. One of my favorite parts of the month is receiving my monthly installment of Everyday Food from Martha Stewart (my hero) and it always ends up surprising me whenever it comes! So, needless to say, I was so excited when I pulled my monthly Everyday food out of the mail box (though, there were not a ton of good recipes to pull out of this one).

march 12: I had a relaxing day full of random and planned visits from friends followed by a nice evening out with my husband. One of the activities of the day was taking Beans to the beach since it was absolutely gorgeous outside. HOWEVER, the second he came home he thought it best to jump, sand and all, right into the bed. Argh. Time to wash the sheets. So I threw them in, gave Beans a bath to get all the sand off of him, and went off to meet Ry. When we came home from our little date night we had to make the bed. Remember how I told you how hard it is to make the bed? Tonight was no different, except he really snuggled in:

march 13: One of the best parts of date night on Saturday night was that we had a groupon for The Upper Crust in Salem, right next to Ry's work. So the beauty of the groupon was that we could order a large enough pizza so that we didn't have to make dinner on Sunday when we're in between church and bible study! FANTASTIC! Leftover pizza is my favorite...especially leftover buffalo chicken pizza from the upper crust (by far the best pizza i've found on the north shore...though it's still no Mark's Pizza):

March 14: Oh. Boy. I was going to blog about one of our favorite meals and share the recipe that we made tonight, however today's dentist experience most definitely wins out. So I had to find a new dentist because of the switch to Ry's insurance when we got married (yes, it has been 1.5 years since I'd gone to the dentist). So I randomly picked one on the approved list. Bad decision. I pulled up to this old house with a sign that said "ring bell. walk in." So I followed the directions and walked in to what looked like someone's house. There was a door straight ahead that said "walk in," so in I walked. I was so confused. When I tell you it was straight from the seventies, I'm not lying. There the "receptionist" sat with her big hair behind STACKS of paper. No computer. Yipes. I should have turned and ran out, but I stayed, filled out my paperwork and went into the room. I think the equipment was just as much from the seventies as the wood paneling on the walls. They probably lost the cupboard door that was missing back in the seventies, too. Then the dentist was cleaning my teeth and telling me how nice my teeth were and how people like me keep him from getting his boat. Sorry, mister, but I'm sure you make plenty to have a boat, but I do not make enough to constantly pay for filling cavities. Anyways, he finished up by telling me that my husband married me because I had such nice teeth. Lovely. Thank you, sir. So out I go to pay my co-pay, which the "receptionist" had no idea how much I owed because her list was outdated and I ask if they take credit card. Of course not. Why would they accept such a modern way of payment? And who has cash or check on them these days?! NOT me. She handed me an envelope and sent me on my way telling me to send in a check. I'll be finding a new dentist for my next visit, sorry Dr. Skolnick...

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