Friday, August 5, 2011

around the world in sixty days.

so life's been a SLIGHT bit of a blur. let's discuss:

may 21-may 30: staycation. FANTASTIC. best week we've had together in quite some time. we decided that since we live in a vacation land, we might as well enjoy it ourselves. so we did. we slept in. we made coffee. we relaxed on our porch. we went for walks with beans. we had a picnic at ocean lawn (location of where ryan asked me to marry him). it was awesome. we even ended with a good ole fashioned memorial day bbq with our friends! fantastic, i tell you. here are my boys having fun at ravenswood park:

so the second vacation ended, i hopped on a plane to Nashville for a conference for work. there are many wonderful things about see, after spending ten straight days together, I did not want to leave. sad. BUT, since the Lord is awesome and provides in all ways, shapes and sizes...the conference was in Nashville where two REALLY good friends of mine live. Of course the conference was in Nashville this year, just where it needed it to be. I saw my old college rooms, whom I love dearly...and an old urban friend, whom I also love dearly. Both are those kind of friends where you pick up where you left off. PERFECT. Here's me and rooms' dog, Claire:
So I get back from Nashville, work one full week...and then it's time for a three day week and we're off to VT! We've recently been told that we live a life of two seasons: tax season and vacation season. I think that's completely accurate. We went up for Ry's bday and Father's day. It was a relaxing weekend and we were able to go for a gorgeous hike up Stowe pinnacle:

so then it was back to MA for the last two weeks of June. We both worked two full weeks...can you imagine that?! After that was a four day week due to the fabulous fourth of July holiday (and another bbq with friends)...and then we had another week off together! We were originally supposed to leave for NY on Tuesday, but decided that we don't go to NY all that often and we should leave on Saturday instead. That gave us seven full days in Roc to have fun. We saw our wonderful family, we celebrated two years together, watched the women's world cup in Abby Wambach's home city, we went golfing, we went to the public market, we went to wegmans, and we even got to see Andrew and Allison get married! It was just such a great week at home:
and finally...we came back for three days of work and then headed off to California. Ry had to do an audit out there, so I tagged along. Why not, right? We have good friends out there and I have a ton of vacation time and traveling alone is lame. So off we went. It required 14 hours of travel with us checking into the hotel at 6am EST. Whoops. It was rather tiring, but it was all good because we got to see Mark and Kara in Pasadena! Pasadena is such a cool town. I love having friends all across the country. And did I mention?! We cruised around in this beauty:

so that's where we've been. sorry i've been MIA. life is completely calming down, so i'll be on here more. in fact, we made a delicious pizza last night that'll i'll be sharing about in the next few days. not to mention our church softball team is in the quarterfinals tomorrow morning - hopefully i'll have good news to share about that... GO PIGEONS!

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  1. You're baaacccckkkk!!!!! So wonderful to hear from you. I think you forgot to mention the most wonderful part of the Rochester Vaca. The buzzword tournament. Oh wait.... you probs didn't want to mention is since the oldies won. Love, love, love you sweet niece!