Wednesday, August 31, 2011

the hurricane that (thankfully) wasn't.

all week last week anything anyone talked about was the impending hurricane. naturally we were expecting terrible wind and rain. thankfully all we saw here on the north shore was some wind and some rain. however, due to the forecasting that occurred, we made sure we were nice and prepared to go without power for a couple of days (which would have been useful had we lost power for a week like some people on the south shore did). Despite the rains that tagged along with irene, we had a delightful weekend:

it started off with ry experimenting in the kitchen. somehow he got in his head that he was going to make a pancake or crepe casserole. i looked up a recipe for him, but it was not exactly what he had in mind, so he made one up. and it was amazing. he layered crepes with real vermont maple syrup and a butter, brown sugar, flour mixture. can we please say delicious?! yet another reason why i married this wonderful man:

after delicious crepe casserole, we thought it would be best to head to target for $5 movies to last us until the power went out, if it went out. look at these gems:

we of course needed a pizza to get us through, should the power go out, so we whipped up a little meatball, pepper, onion and ricotta delight since what's better to have to eat if needing to rescue food out of the fridge?!:

so then it was sunday and we woke up expecting crazy wind and rain, only to find a slight breeze. our pastor thought it best to not cancel church, so off we went. most people didn't come out, so it was a small group, but lovely none the less (when isn't pigeon cove chapel lovely?!). Then it was back home to bunker down...or go for a walk. that's when it hit. we got down to the water and the wind started whipping and the rain was pelting us so hard it hurt. we brought beans out so he could say he'd been out in a hurricane (i don't think he liked it):

we then headed to check out the scene at singing beach. there were people actually in the water. look at the waves compared to them!

and then, as if nothing happened, life was back to normal on monday:

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  1. Awesome!! I am so thanking God for sparing us from Irene's wrath!! A