Thursday, December 15, 2011

a little about the discovery of baby dumas.

so there you have it: the reason i have not blogged much since moving to vermont. you try blogging while you are holding back a secret that is changing your life one day at a time. it's brutal!

let me take you back in time a minute so i can explain how this all happened. warning: this has God's hand all over it, so be prepared for amazingness.

remember back when we decided to move to vermont? yep, that happened approximately one week and four days before we learned of baby d's existence. in deciding to not buy the house and move to vermont we actually took a pregnancy test to make sure we weren't embarking on a grand new adventure (house or moving) with another grand new adventure on the way. it was negative. the timing was such that if we were having a baby, it should be positive...or so we thought. so off to vermont it is, we decide.

fast forward one week and four days. it's saturday after i've announced at work that we will be moving to vermont and i'm slightly convinced i'm pregnant, so into the bathroom i sneak while ry is still sleeping, only to emerge with this:

yikes. clearly the Lord wanted us to make the decision to move before we learned about baby dumas.  i'm not going to lie, i may or may not have started freaking out due to the timing of this, but ryan was able to talk some sense into me as he became more and more excited. the next two weeks were a blur as we packed ry packed us up to move while i laid around sick in bed for our last bit of time in massachusetts, all while mostly holding in our secret. come on, we had to tell a few people, we were bursting at the seams.

this is where the crazy part comes in. you see, the sickness started gradual, but as soon as we got to vermont it hit hard. talk about perfect timing to begin working from home working from my bed. there were weeks when i literally just could not get out of bed. if i had to be working in the office, i would have called in sick for three weeks straight. the Lord had a plan.

and then there's the insurance thing. since ry was going to be a new employee, he wasn't eligible for insurance until december 1. we were on his insurance at his old job and since he finished up on october 28, we were going to be uninsured for the month of november. being newly pregnant and uninsured really did not sit well with me. in fact, it scared me. but, because God is so good to us, it just so happened that i was able to keep my full time job at gordon and therefore this pregnant mama to be was eligible for insurance. so, not only did i get to keep the job i love, working for a place i love, it allows me to stay healthy, too. and without insurance, i'm not sure i would have survived. i was so sick they put me on medicine to keep food in my stomach so baby d could be fed. it's a medicine that costs an arm and a leg without insurance, so being insured happened to be rather important. so again, the Lord had a plan.

and then there's the in-laws. they have been great. again, i'm not sure we would have survived had we not been living with them. ry is currently clothed and fed, thanks to my mother-in-law. all our cars got registered and fixed and oil has been changed thanks to them, too. these are all tasks that i have been way too sick to accomplish by myself. and with ryan's long commute to and from work, there wouldn't be time for things like laundry and groceries and cleaning without help. so again, the Lord had a plan.

it's really been amazing to see the Lord work all these things out in His perfect timing. it's never been more apparent to us than it has over the past month and a half how the Lord really does provide. we are so thankful.

so there you have it. a snippet of what life has been like since we've been in vermont. i had a great trip to massachusetts this past weekend to share the news with tons of people and i happened to video tape a good portion of those, so i'll be posting about that soon. in the meantime, enjoy a scanned picture of the ultrasound - that's our baby!!! YAY!!!

and we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28


  1. SO, SO, SO Awesome!!! God's timing really is amazing. I'm so sorry to hear how sick you've been. That's just awful...praying you start to feel better in your second trimester! Loved hearing all the details and am so happy I can keep up with the growth of little Dumas on your blog! YAY!

  2. i'm so excited for you guys. that's a pretty awesome story, how it all came together. God know's what He's doing, even when we think we know better, huh? funny how that happens. :D

    blessings friend,

  3. YAY!! Being a mom is the most amazing blessing there is:) So excited for you both and will be praying for that little miracle. Feel better :)