Saturday, December 3, 2011

some pictures to tide you.

it's been a long while since my last post, so i figured i was due for writing an update. i just loaded about 200 pictures on my computer from our last days in massachusetts to our first days in vermont. i'll be writing a post on how the Lord has completely provided for us in this transition someday soon, but that post requires thoughtful words, because it will absolutely blow your mind at how good God is, and i'm just a little too sleepy for that right now. until then, enjoy some pictures...

these first couple of pictures are from our last walk down to the water. we had the privilege of living a quarter mile from the ocean during our first two years of marriage and we made a habit of walking down there a couple days a week...beans loved that walk!

how could you not love these two???

we loved the days we could see the sun set over boston...

now we're in veetee. one of the first things we did was buy a vitamix. i'm not sure why, but ry makes a smoothie at least once a day and has started drinking green smoothies for breakfast. we are in the green mountain state, i guess.

november is the start of a month long vacation for my father in law due to hunting season. his first day in the woods in vermont he came home with this gem. venison for the winter! yum!

we were excited to learn that ry didn't have to wait to use his vacation time, so we took full advantage and escaped to rochester for thanksgiving. there is nothing like a lembo family holiday. 

when we came home from rochester, ry's sister had some news. she was getting a goldendoodle puppy! isn't he cute?? his name was sawyer, but it's since been changed to cooper. what a ball of fluff.

ry bought cooper his new favorite toy. obviously every good puppy has a soccer ball. it was beans' favorite toy as a pup, too. 

beans thought it would be fun to snuggle with cooper. either that, or he spotted the soccer ball in the corner and wanted to get it!

is our pup not the most handsome boy you've ever seen?

i just love his face.

look at those two!

and then it snowed! big giant flakes and it was pretty!!

and proof that ryan is everyone's favorite:


  1. LOVE the pics, keep them coming. adorable pups and adorable couple :) xoxo miss you!

  2. p.s. my doggies name is cooper, too. but she is a lady dog, and weighs under 5 pounds. We call her "mini cooper" :)