Monday, January 23, 2012

19 weeks and a present or two.

i was going to save this picture for tomorrow, but i suppose tomorrow's big appointment will deserve it's own post, so i'm treating you all to a bump picture today. i went "shopping" with my mom last week. she lives in baltimore and i'm in vt, so while we enjoy doing our shopping in person, shopping trips usually have to happen as follows (and they're almost as fun!):

+email from mom: let's go shopping at lunch - look at these websites
+call mom at lunch and look at the websites at the same time
+pick out lovely items

and now i have another new shirt for my quickly expanding baby bump! THANKS, MOM!! you're my favorite shopping partner...this was a good pick, you think?:

and not only did i come home to a shirt in the mail from our shopping trip...but also a "happy day you find out if baby is a boy or girl" present from aunt erin!! aunt erin and uncle aaron, baby dumas LOVES it!!! how did you know soccer is already baby's favorite sport?! ;) 

don't worry, baby dumas will be celebrating a US gold medal in the London is smart, making an appearance just in time for such incredible events. 

coming soon: is baby dumas a boy or a girl??