Tuesday, April 3, 2012

i'm a blog slacker...

there have been many things since i last blogged that i intended to blog about. some of you may find these things interesting, others may find them overly boring. it's tax season, give us a break.

+ life is like this for ryan: wake up. shower and out the door in 25 minutes. drive one hour to work. work 10-12 hours. drive one hour home from work. collapse out of exhaustion in bed. watch an episode of prison break. sleep. repeat six days a week.

+ we are addicted to prison break - anyone else out there know about the amazingness of this show...especially season four?!?!

+we were able to escape during tax season for a weekend this year to celebrate ryan's college roommate's wedding. it was incredible. it was one of those weddings that just makes your heart so happy because it's two people committed to glorifying the Lord together. it was beautiful. not to mention it was one big giant gordon reunion filled with all of ryan's roommates/floormates/friends, some of whom we haven't seen in two years...who doesn't love that?! it made our hearts happy.

+ nate was one of the participants in giving us our giant pink horse (pleasure stallion...or pink pony...depending on the audience) for our wedding...so we obviously had to return the favor with pleasure puppy:

+ we gave beans a mohawk a month or so ago with the intention of cutting it after a few days. we liked it, so he still has it. he's pretty handsome.

+tax season is over in 13 days. the end is in sight, but it's also crunch time. there will be lots of long days for ry in the next two weeks...but after that: FREEDOM. we can't wait.

+ i'm currently sitting here watching my belly move around like crazy. there is one active little boy growing nice and strong in there. feeling him move around is one of the coolest things i've EVER experienced. what an amazing, amazing thing.

+ry said last night: "i feel like you've been pregnant forever. i'd like to meet jacob now." couldn't. agree. more.

+i'll try to remember to take a belly shot on sunday after church since i feel like i've at least doubled in size since the last picture.

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