Wednesday, May 2, 2012

33 weeks of jacob jay in there.

oh boy. that's a belly, alright. it's a little hard to tell against the wood door, but we had nowhere else to snap this picture. also, if you think i look exhausted and hideous, you're right. it was the day of ry's cousin's bridal shower and we had gotten up early and been cooking all morning before this pic was taken! this baby is sucking the life out of me, so any extra activities really zap my energy...but it is SO worth it. we cannot wait to meet jacob in seven short weeks. wow! seven short weeks. that's only slightly intimidating considering we still don't have a nursery for jacob. don't worry, we're working on that piece. he will have a home soon!

also - if you think that is a small looking belly for 33 weeks along, you are correct. i'm measuring small. this just means we got to sneak in an extra ultrasound of our little man to make sure he was growing okay in there. don't worry, he was actually weighing slightly above average. go figure. what a silly little chunker we have in there!

and finally - sometimes i force ry into taking pictures with me. it's not often since i'm always the one behind the camera. lester snuck this one in before we were ready, but i like it...we'll pretend we're marveling at jacob in there, but really we're just trying really hard to make a good heart with our hands...

*please note: this blog post is out of order. i was planning on blogging our trip to MA complete with two showers, then this, then beans' second birthday party. However, in my haste of getting ready this morning, I forgot to grab my memory card out of my camera to load the pictures after work at my sister-in-laws (much faster internet). so, coming soon: massachusetts and beans turns two!

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