Tuesday, June 19, 2012

so the due date has come and gone...

there i am on my due date...yes, i'm huge. i feel like i've doubled in size in the last five weeks. june 18th has finally come and gone, just as we figured it would. thankfully we had prepared ourselves to not meet our little man by june 18th, so we weren't disappointed (if you continually tell yourself that he won't come by his due date, then it's just an added bonus if he comes!). i had my 40 week appointment and our midwife didn't say too much, just that it's typical for a first child to take a bit longer to make their appearance. we set up our next week appointments, including the non stress test, ultrasound and regular weekly appointment and were on our way in hopes of meeting jacob sometime this week. we know that the Lord is in complete control and that He is just putting the final touches so he comes out just as he is supposed to. we cannot wait to meet jacob, but we are content knowing that God is in control.

after our appointment we grabbed dinner at boloco and scored, not one, but two free burritos!!! ry had a birthday burrito and we had saved enough points on our boloco card for another. it was beautiful, so we ate outside while we listened to two youngsters play the violin and cello. then we headed off for a nice long walk and enjoyed some us time by the water. we are soaking up every minute of us time we can get as life is about to change slightly.

doesn't the lake look gorgeous?


  1. Enjoy your "us" time while you have it. I know going over your due date can be tough (both my boys were 6 days late...ugh!) but hang in there and know that once he arrives you won't even remember how long it took! Thinking of you!!!

  2. I had a friend with an "overdue" baby who decided to do one really awesome thing every day until he came. I think you should do that too. :) That and take a loooooot of naps.

  3. Can't wait to see pictures of the new little guy, Nicole! Also...are you guys coming back this way at some point? A little birdie mentioned that... :)