Friday, August 3, 2012

to maryland and back.

on july 27th i turned 27. my wonderful husband likes going big for birthdays, so he decided a trip to see my mom was in order...with jacob jay in tow at the ripe old age of four weeks and three days. we figure why not get used to carting around the little need to put life on hold. some of our hopes for him are to see the world, go on big adventures and learn through experiences. God is big. He exists all over the place, so we want Jacob to be free to go and see that. thus our determination to make sure we are examples of that (granted a trip to baltimore isn't a HUGE adventure normally, but a trip to baltimore with an infant is pretty big...). we don't want him to think we are unable to adventure because we had to stay home and were afraid to be out and about. we, instead, have found all the more reason to adventure because of this little man. so off we went...

our route took us from vermont to rochester the first night. we wanted to avoid NYC and i really wanted to introduce jacob to his great aunt and uncle and cousin. you see, when you live so far away from family, it's pretty sad when you have a baby and you can't see them love your little we detoured to rochester despite it adding two hours to the trip. we got in around ten pm and popped into the great AC's to surprise her - she was pretty excited:

and here's cousin with the little man:

it was nice for jacob to see his tuffy and gramma, too, but since it was such a quick pit stop and my dad and pat were off to mexico for vacation at 6 am the next day, i didn't get any pictures of them with jacob. they hadn't seen him since the day he was born, so it was a nice random little visit for them, too.

we left just as the USWNT soccer game was starting (BUMMER!), but that didn't deter my boys from dressing appropriately:

we drove through PA, which i forgot to snap a pic of and then we were in maryland:

ahh so lovely to see mom and mike...even though we had just seen them! mom treated me to a pedicure while ry got some alone time with his little man - so nice for him after being in the car for so long!

jacob got to meet my brother, his uncle ricky, and they got to hang out and watch the olympics together:

jacob even snuck in some snooze cruise time with gigi:

we mostly just relaxed at my mom's house. she cooked us some yummy meals, we watched a lot of the olympics and jacob got to meet his uncle ricky and aunt jill (ricky's gf). it was a delightful little adventure - way too short - but delightful nonetheless. We left about midday on Monday and traveled a different route home...

over the delaware bridge:

into delaware:

through the dirty jerz:

past nyc:

said hi to giants stadium (and boo'd the giants...):

and stopped for the night at a hotel in clifton park, ny. fabulous - a king size bed JUST for jacob. well, that's what he thought. we kicked him out into his pack 'n play and stole the bed back from him.

we got into the hotel around 6 pm and convinced the hotel to allow us late check out because we had a newborn and weren't anxious to get him back in his car seat. translation: mommy wants to watch the USWNT game and can't do so while driving in the car. we ended up getting on the road at half time and made the trip back to vt. 

it was so nice to have a little family vacation and little man traveled oh so well! he slept most of the way and, while we had thrown him off his routine, he still did a GREAT job. he was fussier than normal, but that was to be expected. 

...and the little man says...guys, that trip made me sleepy...

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  1. This was the absolute BEST surprise EVER. If I close my eyes I can still feel the BEST feeling of meeting my Jsquared. Sending you lots of AC love!!!