Monday, November 26, 2012

jacob jay: five months

what a FUN month this has been. j has become quite the explorer over this last month and it has been so much fun.

highlights include:

+ rolling across the floor. while he tries valiantly to crawl (legs and arms flailing), he can't quite do that, so he rolls from point a to point b. it's QUITE amusing.

+toe grabbing. he started doing this last month a little, but now every time we change his diaper, the feet go right to the hands.

+petting beans. he's discovered beans, finally! he pets beans anytime he is within reach...and by pet, i mean pulls his hair. we have to convince beans to sit and withstand the pulling. they'll be best friends in no time.

+he laughs! it's so darn cute. mostly he laughs for ryan, but sometimes i can get one out of him.

+putting EVERYTHING in his mouth. if he grabs a toy in his hands, it goes right in his mouth.

+j's first thanksgiving (family photo above is from that!).

+we picked out our christmas tree with the first time with j.

+ NOT traveling. that was glorious.

as parents:

we loved this month. it was by far the  most fun we've had with j. perhaps it is because it was our first full month with him in our own space, or perhaps it is because j is really starting to show his personality. i think it's a little bit of both. he is such a little explorer. not one part of him wants to stay still. he always wants to move and see what is going on. when you place toy a little out of his reach, he must roll to get it. it's just so darn fun. each passing day we love him more. it's crazy how fast time is flying. june 26th feels like it was just yesterday, but years ago at the same time. we are loving being a family of three!

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