Sunday, January 27, 2013

jacob jay: seven months

wow! i feel like this past month has been full of fun and new things with our little man. each day brought with it something new...or so it seemed.

+ first time being sick...and we don't mess around, apparently. instead of getting the sniffles, little man got pneumonia! he was miserable, but the antibiotics fixed him right up and he was back to his happy little self.

+ food. food. food. we've introduced: rice, bananas, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, peas, oatmeal, prunes  and pears! at first he did not like food at all, but now he LOVES it. 

+ we are on the move! j is army crawling - it's SO much fun...he gets his eyes set on something and he goes...usually after beans' toys.

+ keep the giggles coming via peek a boo!

+ back to sleeping through the night ... as long as there is a nuk within reach!

+ i had to experience a first as a mother for me: j pooped in the tub. let me tell you...that was not a fun experience

+ fetch with beans!

+ there are no snuggles allowed. we must always be moving, squirming, army crawling...just no sitting still...unless i sneak in a snuggle late at night with this precious baby boy. mm i love those moments.

 time is flying - so much so that i have to keep track of things i want to remember on my notes app on my phone. j had his six month check up mid month and everything is going well. he's in 16% and 20% for height and weight. we are thoroughly enjoying every day with this baby boy. can he stay small forever?! ry has started tax season, so we sneak in family moments when we can. we love being a little family of four (yes, beans, we do still love you!) and we are thankful every day for our little man.

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