Saturday, January 5, 2013

pneumonia just kicked our butt.

wow. i wish i had a picture of ry and i just sitting on the couch completely and utterly exhausted on tuesday afternoon. yikes. it was a sight, according to my dad and step mom.

when your six month old that normally looks like this:

wakes up after four days of being congested with a higher fever and looking like this:

you know you have a problem.

last week on thursday j had a little bit of a fever, but it broke over night, so we thought he was fine. he had two fever-less days and then the fever returned on sunday. sunday night his fever increased and he could not sleep unless he was snuggled in our bed (we are not co-sleepers and he NEVER sleeps in our bed). he was up just about every hour to an hour and a half. i've never seen the little man so miserable. he would cough and start crying because he was in pain. broke. my. heart. we called the doctor and they wanted to see him. i'm glad we did since the doctor diagnosed pneumonia. so off we went to get our antibiotics and then to hunker down for the rest of the week. (has anyone ever tried giving antibiotics to a six month old...NOT FUN!!!!!) the antibiotics took a couple of days to kick in and it was thursday when j finally started returning to his normal self. a whole week of our little man being sick. just made us so sad. off to rest with my love while j's napping, now, since sleep was not so wonderful (or non-existent) over the past week.

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