Sunday, April 21, 2013

a quick weekend update.

tax season is over, which means we get ry back on saturdays! yay! we had a slow saturday morning and then ry headed to the house. he was able to get a jump on painting...which is what we did all weekend. we got two coats on the master, the second on the spare, worked to finish up priming trim work in the kitchen, and started painting the kitchen. here's some pictures of what we've done since we last updated:

we didn't exactly do this. i was painting the stairs at the house and it was extremely windy. the windows are pretty old - probably original to the house. i was just wondering if the windows could ever blow out and break in the strong wind...and then i got my answer. shucks. good thing we just had the windows measured to be replaced. hopefully we'll get the windows this week so ry can get those in. we are replacing all the windows.

here's our bedroom. it looks very dark in the picture, but it's not so dark in real life. this was a bold pick for us - riskier than we're used to - but we love it. i am a little obsessed with it. i can't wait to get it all set up with our wonderful comforter - just need to find some coordinating fabric for curtains. 

we are replacing all the vent covers in the house because they were disgusting when we pulled them off - full of dirt, dust, nicotine and grossness. lowes and home depot had cheap plastic ones, so ry had us stop at the beyond hardware in our town - perfect. they had metal ones that we liked much better. you can also see the color of the spare room in this picture. this was our "safest" color. nothing too special, but we like it.

oh yes, ryan hung our new outside light. we found it at lowes. we feel like it brings us back to our new england/north shore roots. love love love. please disregard the disgusting discolored siding where ry took off the shutters that were next the door (we hated looking at them...can't wait to paint the house next summer!)

time to paint the kitchen!

here's what the yellow looks like on the walls. can't wait to have new floor and get those cabinets painted white. we are debating on when to do the floor - perhaps next weekend...but we just want to get moved in! and as for the cabinets being patined - again, we just want to move in!

oh and one more picture. i was upstairs painting trim in the hallway and i looked down to see this furry creature walking in our hallway. it gave me quite a startle, until i realized it was the neighbors cat! we call all cats "meow", and "meow" was very friendly.

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