Saturday, April 6, 2013

days four and five: a trip to lowes and more cleaning

we took thursday night off from working on the house so that we could spend some time together as a family. tax season is already draining enough on our family, but throw in a fixer upper house with a deadline ((some of our favorite people in the entire world are coming to visit the weekend of the 20th)), and we haven't seen much of each other together. ry got home around 6:30 and scooped me and j up and off to lowes we went. we had some things to pick up: wall putty and primer. the primer we are using is the most powerful stuff on the market:

we are hoping to start priming monday night and finish that up tuesday night.

we returned to work on the house on friday night, feeling a little more rejuvenated, because who isn't rejuvenated by a friday? on tap: more cleaning and more carpet tacks. i know, you're getting bored with carpet tacks and cleaning. guess are we.

check out the filth here in the living room. you can tell where we stopped cleaning. i might have almost puked multiple times:

we also removed these beautiful curtains in our bedroom:

and the last of the carpet tacks are up:

check out these floors!

tomorrow is a big day - ry has a day off! we have to drill a hole for the deadbolt on the front door, replace the mailbox, clean the foyer, wipe down/clean upstairs walls (those are not very dirty at all), and fill many holes. so much to do, so little time...but SO much fun :)

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