Tuesday, April 2, 2013

the house: day two - carpet tacks

thanks to our friend, sarah, requesting documentation to see the progress we're making on the house we bought (that story coming when i have time to sit down and write it - aka never...), i'll be trying to post pictures and a quick synopsis of what we've done every day. this is also for our own good to make sure that i'm documenting, otherwise i get too carried away and forget to take pictures! come along for the ride with us, won't you?

last night we ripped out all the carpet in the house. the whole house had carpet except the kitchen/foyer. i'll post pictures of that soon. tonight we had to start the painful process of removing the tack strips that held the carpet down on the stairs. it's a slow process and we got a late start tonight -- ry didn't get home until 7 (oh the joys of buying a fixer upper during tax season...). here's a few pics of what we worked on:

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  1. Lethal little buggers...I understand your pain friends