Wednesday, May 29, 2013

jacob jay: 11 months

another month has flown by! yikes. just crazy. here's what's going on in j's life:

+ we moved into our home! YAY! it's the fourth place he has lived in his short little life. we are thankful to finally have some stability for the little man. 

+we love the grocery store! j loves riding around in the cart and flirting with any girl/lady that talks to him (which is pretty much anyone we walk by). some of the people at wegmans are even starting to remember him, which is fun.

+j loves taking any item and putting them into his little bucket...and then dumping the bucket. we repeat this over and over all day long.

+little man CRUISES. wow he is moving fast these days. i can't remember if he started for real crawling this month or last....but he is fast. and he walks along the furniture faster and faster each day.

+j LOVES his daddy. it is so fun to see his face light up and hear his squeals when he walks in the door. 

+j is desperate for beans to be his best friend. he loves giving beans his toys and giving beans treats. it's way too cute. beans, however, is not so desperate to be bffs. in time, beans, in time.

+we had our first trip to the zoo!

(little man NEEDS a hair cut. i just don't wannaaaaaa....)

+the playground is a HUGE hit.

we love this little man so much and we are so thankful for him and the joy he brings to us and to others. 


  1. Love the picture of you and your little man!

  2. Wow! This pics are the sweetest EVER!!! Love you all.
    BIG hugs, Kath