Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the weekend in a few pictures.

+ ryan stepped on a nail. at 10 pm on friday night. he fought getting a tetanus shot, but he figured that since it includes the pertussis vaccine, he'd get it to protect j. whatever works, right? we waited until saturday to get the shot since it took that long to convince him...and j was already asleep when he stepped on the nail. j thought he'd help and take a look and make sure everything was okay:

+ the lilacs are in full bloom! they make the living room smell DEEEELISH. what am i going to do when there's no more fresh flowers in our yard and everything is just trees?! (side note - i've never realized HOW beautiful rochester is in the spring...hello, flower city, you certainly live up to your name!)

+ saturday might have been the hardest day to date for ry. there were two piles of brush that we thought would take a couple trips to the town dump took seven trips and about four hours of lots of hard work from him and my dad. father has gotten himself into a lot of work these days - wonder if he wishes we didn't move five minutes down the road! :)

+sunday was mother's day. it was low key. jacob treated me to some rare snuggles. that was a treat in itself (for some reason these pictures got a little distorted...)

coming soon on the blog: window replacement and shelves in the pantry! YAY!

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  1. I pray this home will be a place
    Of serenity and peace,Somewhere to get away from all the stress and pressing needs and that this home will be a refuge from life’s fast and busy pace,
    with every room a reminder of God’s awesome love and grace. This is so wonderful and clearly demonstrates
    The work the Lord has begun. Your beautiful new home is such a testimony
    of what the Lord has done. xxoo Anne