Monday, May 6, 2013

this weekend's project...

this weekend ryan had to tackle replacing the garage door opener. we had to replace the one that was already installed for multiple reasons. for looked like this:


for two, check out the box to open the door. it requires both buttons to be pressed to open it:

and for three, there were no sensor eyes with the old opener, so if there was something in the way of it going down, it wouldn't reverse. dangerous with child and dog. so off to sears ry went to pick out an opener. it was my father's housewarming present to us. little did my father know what he was getting himself into. you see, installing a garage door opener takes more than one person, so my father ended up coming and working with ry to get everything up and installed. it was a process to say the least.

don't worry, beanies helped. and by helped, i mean he decided to walk right into the old opener once it was down and get grease ALL OVER himself. nice.

anyways, after three to four hours over two days, they were able to get it up and working. YAY! we now have a safe and secure opener.

 oh and it was an absolute gorgeous weekend here. we were able to set up j's easter present from his gramma and tuffy - a water table. so much fun! our little man is growing up so darn fast. and yes, his shorts look like capris because we only have 12 month summer stuff and our little peanut of a child is in nine month stuff still. he's still as precious as can be :)

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