Saturday, May 4, 2013

we're in (and a room before and after!)

last weekend was the final push so that we could finally get moved into this house. my stepdad and my mom came from baltimore for the weekend to help with j and help with the house. mike worked alongside ry to get all the final paint on the walls, outlets switched out, trim work painted, etc. there were many hours put in over the weekend so that we could finally move in -- about a week and a half later than we had hoped, but in none the less. YAY! there's so much left to do, but we did set up the living room so that there is one comfortable room to be in whenever we need a break from all the crazy, not to mention j needed somewhere to crawl around and be j. 



took those pictures with my phone. it's hard to really tell the color on the wall. it looks more blue in this picture, but it's more on the gray side of things. it's so warm and cozy. we bought a new rug that i love. eventually there will be white built in bookshelves surrounding the tv. where there the tv is there might be a fireplace with the tv mounted up above it, but that piece is a few years down the road.  we will be replacing the two windows in a week or so. we need some new lighting, too. the list is so long, but even so, it's just a cozy space that we hope to fill up with lots of friends, family, laughter and memories.

we are so thankful to ALL of our parents and my brother who put in many hours to get us in here.

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