Monday, September 30, 2013

jacob jay: 15ish months

these past three months, most especially the last month, have been filled with so much sweetness. i know that i always feel that each stage with the little man is, 'the best yet,' but these days of his first steps are filled with so much wonder and so much excitement, my heart just feels so full. there is so much going on in our lives with this silly house, but we are forced to slow down and see the world through the eyes of our sweet boy on a daily basis, and i wouldn't want it any other way.

a few stats: 20 lbs 6 oz. 29.5 inches. seven teeth. 

currently he is loving his books. we read through all of our books at least once every day. we sit on the couch, read one, he hops off and goes to get a new book, comes back and begs to get back on the couch to snuggle in and read. he loves flipping through the books and pointing at the pictures.

he's walking everywhere, too. everywhere. my favorite moments are spent walking down the sidewalk with him stopping to pick up leaves, sticks and pine cones. oh, and don't forget to wave to every car that drives by. that's a must.

he's been eating and growing oh so much. all of a sudden none of his clothes fit. this is a victory, as the little man is, well, a little man. more on this some other time...but, back to his eating. give the kid fruit and vegetables and he is in heaven. yogurt, cottage cheese and eggs, too. and tacos. yum.

more sweet moments come at bed time. our sweet boy loves to snuggle before bed. he does not like going to bed without one and i'm not complaining. and then, in the morning, he wakes up a little before we get up, so we pull him into bed for a snuggle and then the morning goes smoothly. however, if he somehow sleeps through the morning snuggle, he refuses to let either one of us put him down while we go through our morning routine.

and, yes, i most often refer to our sweet boy as our sweet boy. this is because he is just so sweet. more and more we see his personality coming out and he has all the sweet, loving and caring traits that his daddy has. and on top of that, he's such a hugger! j hugs are just the best.


  1. I like the picture of him raising his arm. Looks like his uncle, and he has great form air straight, tight to his head, future hockey referee. Miss the little man, can't wait to get him on skates in another couple of years.

  2. oh my goodness Nicole, he's gorgeous, like model baby gorgeous!!!