Thursday, October 10, 2013

ten on the tenth.

i'm going to start a new series: ten on the tenth. i have seen other people do this, so it's definitely not my idea. i love the idea of it, catching the moments that make up each day. it was so fun today intentionally making note of our day. i think it made me appreciate each moment. here we go (side note - all taken with my iphone - i need to make room on the memory card of my real camera):

+ we had one big ole snuggle party this morning after ry jumped in the shower. both beans and j were fighting for attention. please notice that j has beans' tail in his hand. beans wasn't pleased.

+ family breakfast time! ryan has requested that we have family breakfast together every morning. we've been doing it for about three weeks now. it's fantastic. i love starting the day this way. ((bacon, eggs and toast for me and ry. cheesy scrambled eggs for the boy))

+ thursday is grocery day for me and the boy. he loves going to wegmans. he also loves helping me put the groceries away when we get home. he's such a good little helper.

+ the neighbors had a tree cut down today. free entertainment!

+ we went to little people's gym today - he LOVES it there. the town puts out a ton of mats and balls and the little people run around and have lots of fun - all for free! the best part, though, is that it tuckers j out like crazy. he took a three hour nap this afternoon.

+ after nap, j and i played with his favorite toy: the safari truck. we put all the animals through their respective holes over and over and over again. he laughs and smiles and signs "please" repeatedly.

+ ry had to do some work outside on the kitchen window. my favorite part of this picture, however, is beans. he's intently watching a chipmunk. he sat that way the whole time ry worked on the window.

+ these two love each other. j does bed time so much easier if he's had ample play time with daddy. ry was making a pen for all the safari animals and j was gleefully destroying it.

+ we added two pictures to the photo wall. slowly but surely it's coming together. there are many more pieces to add, though.

+ the sunset was beautiful tonight. this picture does not do it all.

so there you have it. ten on the tenth. it was a great day. 

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