Tuesday, November 12, 2013

just a little trip to MA...

 this weekend was fabulous. exhausting, but fabulous. i had the privilege of making a very quick trip to the north shore to catch the gordon women's championship game...and of course see a few favorites while i was there. 

i promised one of the goalkeepers that i coached for two years that i would make the trip if they made the finals...and when they won in pk's in the semi-finals i could not go back on my word! so i got up saturday morning at 4:45 and was on the road by 5:15. it took me 6 1/2 hours thanks to some traffic once i hit MA (surprise). i got to have a quick starbucks date with a former player who is now a dear friend and then off we went to endicott to cheer on the girls. i am still oh so invested in this team since i coached the now juniors and seniors. i wanted them to win SO bad...for them, for coach, for gordon. and they played SO well. they fought so hard. they pushed and pushed through regulation, through both overtimes, and then pk's. unfortunately pk's can go either way and they didn't go gordon's way on saturday. it was heartbreaking, but they should be so proud of themselves. i'm so gosh darn proud of them and the work they did this season.

after the game i was off to another game, this time for some dear family friends. after that game it was out to dinner with them, which was full of fun, good conversation and laughter, as always. and then it was off to my home for the evening: jamie and chris' new home! HURRAY! there were more favorites waiting when i got there, too!

and then, before i knew it, it was 6 am sunday morning and i was back on the road headed home to my boys. oh how i missed them and wished they could have been with me this weekend (along with everyone i saw...yes ryan and j are far more interesting than i am!)...but it was a great weekend for all of us! ry and j had a daddy son date day filled with the zoo and eating junk food and this mama got plenty of alone time (i am really loving some good alone time since becoming a mama...) and lots of needed hugs. a refreshing time for us all.

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