Sunday, September 30, 2012

jacob jay: three months

time is flying. i didn't know time could feel like it was moving this fast. somehow our baby boy is already three months old and i'm not quite sure how it happened. i must say this three month marker is so much fun. i'm guessing i'll probably say that about every stage, but the things jacob is doing are just so much fun.

- smiles. big big big smiles in the dumas house for this guy.

- check out that hand. before he would cry and cry because he couldn't get his hand in his mouth to self-soothe...this month...not a problem.

- show me the world! when held, jacob must be facing forward at all times, otherwise he is not a happy camper. he loves looking around at everything around him.

- playing in his exer saucer. he LOVES it. his hand eye coordination is getting better and he intentionally spins things and hits buttons. he concentrates really hard to do it and it is adorable.

- we went on two trips this month: rochester for labor day and massachusetts (where i managed to take ZERO picture...doh!)

- generations! how fun is this... four generations:

- we growth spurted. it was miserable. it lasted for what seemed like forever. no naps. forget sleeping through the night, we were up two and three times. it made for one sleepy mama and one uncomfy jacob. poor kid was always hungry and never comfortable. we made it out, though, and we're back on a really good eat/play/sleep schedule. we're working on that night time sleep thing again, though.

on being parents:

ry and i were discussing the other day about how, looking back on the past three months, it feels like we were in a fog. at each month marker we've done that and think to ourselves, "we're functioning so much better!" i wonder when we'll actually be functioning as normal humans...never? but, who cares?! we are more in love with j with each passing second. he's so much fun. i started working from home and i'm juggling getting up early to work and working my schedule around j. the good thing about a baby is that he takes a lot of two hour naps! perfect for working, really. the whole working thing has been tough on the getting things done ... like laundry and cooking ... but we will figure it out. it's one big team effort and it's just so much fun.

and as a side note: beans does still exist. poor guy is STARVING for attention. we take him on our walks and play with him, but he's got a bit of a jealousy issue when ry is hanging out with j. he'll get over it once him and j become best friends :)