Friday, December 27, 2013

jacob jay: 18 months.

eek. 18 months. this sweet boy brings so much joy to our lives.

lately j has been all about being with his daddy wherever he goes. from the second ry walks in from work to the moment j goes to bed, he wants daddy. it doesn't matter what they are doing, as long as it's together. i love watching their relationship grow.

((helping daddy put together his wagon from gramma and tuffy--my absolute new favorite pic))

he thinks he's hilarious. he loves laughing and making other people laugh. hearing that little laugh is one of my favorite sounds in the entire world.

 he's been sticking his tongue out when concentrating lately. it's something both me and ry do, so it's no surprise he picked that up.

((it takes lots of concentration to put the wise man in the truck bed...))

oh our sweet boy. he is so dearly loved by so many and that makes our hearts so happy. j is so full of life and he is oh so curious. he loves his trucks and he loves tormenting beans. he loves running to the pantry or fridge and he has learned what each of his snacks are, so he inspects each snack carefully before choosing what it is that he wants. every morning he won't let us set him down until we've held him for whatever length of time he's determined is necessary to wake up. he must not be a morning person - that's mama's fault. when we ask for kisses he leans his head in and lets us kiss him instead of giving us kisses, and he thinks it's pretty funny. his bedtime routine has changed more times than i can count. from snuggling in our bed, to sitting on the couch and reading stories, to sitting on the ground and flipping through books faster than we can read. one sure thing we can count on, though, is that telling him it's time to brush his teeth gets him up the stairs faster than anything else - he loves it! sometimes i want to keep our sweet boy little forever, but it sure is fun watching him grow. we do so love our j.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013


oops. about updating the happened and happened fast here. well, not fast, since j was sick from just about halloween through thanksgiving. that's a lot of sick. and a lot of tiredness and a lot of not sleeping-ness. here's a quick recap from thanksgiving to now:

+ we hosted thanksgiving in our new home! yay! it's fun hosting and putting everything together. the in-laws trekked from VT and were here wednesday to saturday. unfortunately, jacob got sick starting on friday, so that put a damper on things. poor bugger ended up with a 102 fever for four days. no sleep for anyone. luckily he kicked it before we had to make an adventure to the good ole pediatrician and before we all lost our sanity. i didn't take many pics because i was either cooking, cleaning or snuggling the sickling, but i did manage to catch this moment...beans snuggling in with his gamp. there probably was no room on the couch due to the snuggle j fest, so he had to find his snuggles elsewhere:

+oh we took a fam photo that ended up being our christmas card! getting j to smile in a pic is the hardest task EVER.

+lots of snuggles for our sweet boy:

+ good thing j got better, because we had planned on our friends chris and jamie adventuring from MA the next weekend to usher in some Christmas cheer! they arrived saturday and we ran off to the christmas tree farm to pick out a tree. she's a beauty and her name is rosie. we decorated and made sugar cookies and played pandemic. it was perfect. we even had a big christmas morning breakfast and stocking opening. we thought about sabotaging their car so they couldn't leave, but we thought that'd be mean.

+then it was another short week and i was off to nyc with my mom and her bff/my god mother. so fun! i'd never been to nyc at christmas time, so it was quite a treat. there were lights everywhere and the tree was huuuuuge. we went to dinner in eataly the first night -- if you are ever in nyc, go there! so fun. we decided against a cab and walked 25 blocks back to a cute little wine bar. my mom's friend lives across the street and it's a cute neighborhood place that we ended up at both nights. the next day we saw the christmas spectacular - what a show! so fun. and then we walked and shopped. i'm a big fan of walking in cities - there's just always so much to take in! it was a fab weekend and we should probably start planning next year's trip :) and j could have cared less when i returned. i do believe him and daddy had WAY too much fun without me!

+we've received 30 inches of snow so far this winter. this compares to less than one inch at this time last year. crazy! j is loving it.

+uncle ricky is in town for ten days and has been stopping over to see the little man every day - j loves it!

+and the little bugger was sick again. luckily this seemed to be a 24 hour little bug and he's back on his feet...i was bummed because we were going on two whole weeks of health! i couldn't even believe it. i guess the streak had to end sometime ;)