Wednesday, October 28, 2009

no soup for you.

sooo one of our favorite things about winter/fall is the ability to make a pot of soup/stew/chili/chowder and have it last the whole week so dinners after work are as easy as can be.

so far this fall we have made:

butternut squash and apple harvest soup
recipe found here:

It was DELICIOUS, however not so great on the filling you up side.

we've made recipe, just threw some things together.

Ryan made a delicious portabello mushroom bisque.

We made a spicy chicken soup last week that was REALLY good but really reminiscent of chili:

and we have made venison stew.

ALL this to say: we need soup/stew/chowder/bisque/anything made in a large pot and lasts recipes!!!! if you have favorites please send them our way. we love to cook and we love good recipes...and we love to eat.

that's all for now. a life update to come soon considering i'll be starting a new job in a week and a half...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

in a nutshell.

so it's been a little bit since we've updated this blog of ours. it seems like we've been rather busy, but I could only find a few events documented on i'm not really sure what we've been up to. Oh well! Since last time there have been a few things, though, that I should share.

#1 DOLLAR CONE DAY!!!!!!!!! I don't think there is anyone I know who loves ice cream more than our friend Jaq. HONESTLY, I think she would be content eating ice cream for the rest of her life and nothing else...but that might just be me. So anyways, there's this nice little ice cream store down the street called Captain Dusty's and every spring and every fall there is one day dedicated to dollar cone day when you can get a kiddie or a small for a who better than to celebrate dollar cone day than with jaq?!?!

so we met jaq after her long day of teaching and schooling and got our ice cream and meandered to discuss various different topics of importance while standing on this cute little dock:

we had a lot to catch up our newfound churches!! she had tried a new church and we had tried a new church and we had lovely conversation again about what we think we are looking for in a church. it was great. and encouraging. and we LOVE jaq.

item #2. the visit of mama and papa dumas!! i seem to have forgotten my camera for most of their visit. whooooops! they came on a Friday night and then left on a Sunday afternoon. It was a great visit and we started out watching home videos from when ryan was just a little kid. THEY WERE PRICELESS. i nearly fell out of my chair laughing so hard. if only I could include some of those clips on here. sigh. On saturday we had the privilege of meeting cousin AC and UM in Boston for lunch. It was absolutely downpouring, so that was quite the adventure...but it was just wonderful to see everybody!! we ate, laughed and enjoyed each other...just like always :)

if you'd like to share in some laughs with uncle marty please visit it's a good laugh, let me tell you.

Anyways, after meeting AC and company, we headed home to prepare a delish meal and this delightful cake:

That is a dr. pepper chocolate cake and probably the most fluffiest and tastiest chocolate cake i've had in a VERY LONG time. It's a recipe out of the dinosaur bbq cookbook. yum yum yum. So anyways, it was a great visit with ry's parents!

item #3 THE TOPSFIELD FAIR!!!!!!!!

so last saturday night we headed to the topsfield fair with a bunch of friends! some people were having a hard time in the mud pit they called the parking lot and michael was a good citizen and pushed them out. the funny thing is was that when they got free instead of saying thank you the guy rolled down his window and tried to give michael money. he didn't take it. it was quite unusual. perhaps that's massachusetts for you.

So we headed into the fair and Addie brought us all beads to wear :)

We wandered around the fair looking at all the carnies and animals and then found some corn on the cob on a stick. it was sooooo tasty.

and then my husband bought me my absolutely fair treat...kettle corn! he must love me :)

So after I scarfed entirely too much popcorn we headed off to the ticket booth to get some tickets. we knew how many we needed and katie was about to buy them when these kids wanted us to buy their tickets at face value...however, being the deal makers we are...we talked them down to giving us 20 tickets for $15 instead of $20. we were pretty proud.

we used our tickets to go on the ferris wheel! don't worry, bridget is plenty tall enough to ride the ferris wheel...

the view from the top:

item #4. we've started going to a new church! pigeon cove chapel in rockport. ( it's not like we didn't like the church we were going to...we just visited this church with friend one week and felt so comfortable and at home. can't quite put my finger on it, but it just fits. it's nice to find that.

so i think that's about it for now. we're off to go see where the wild things go with some friends!

ps - dearest little brother...if you want to be in the blog, you must come and visit!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

we're still alive.

AH! I haven't updated in so long. in fact I've not written about dollar cone day. ry's rents visiting. cousin, AC and UM in Boston. the Topsfield fair.

i promise...those updates are soon as i get a little bit healthier and recover from my 4am alarm clock going off...