Tuesday, February 26, 2013

jacob jay: eight months

wow. every month marker seems to come faster and faster...can we please slow down time? for the first half of this eighth month of jacob's life, things continued on as normal. then, however, the second half of the month hit and i feel like our baby boy all of a sudden grew up so much right before our very eyes. he went from army crawling to pulling up and standing and shimmying along things. he seems so much older. 

onto bigger and better things:

- we have a tooth...or two! this process was not enjoyable for anyone. the little man was not a fan and didn't do a whole lot of sleeping. if you look closely below, you can see them popping through!

- kisses. this might be my favorite thing ever. in the morning i give j kisses and say kisses and he grabs my face, opens his mouth up nice and big and plants a drooly kiss on my face. melt. my. heart.

- instead of crying when waking up these days, i hear clicking and clacking and j playing happily with the many nuks in his crib. it's so much more pleasant and unbelievably adorable.

- STANDING. eek. j learned how to pull himself up into standing position...and does it every chance he gets. the only problem we have is that we haven't learned how to get down once standing, so there are sometimes tears.

- eating is going well. we've added quite a number of foods to the arsenal, though pears remain the favorite. pears and bananas. yum.

- basketball. basketball. basketball. this little guy could sit or stand and put his basketball in the hoop for hours. 

- we like baseball, too. though, we haven't learned that hitting beans isn't part of baseball...

we are loving this little man. he is so full of joy and energy. he's such a happy baby and always wants to be crawling around and moving. we are so thankful for the blessing of this little guy and we love watching him grow up and get more and more of a personality. we can't wait for tax season to be over so that life can return a little more to normal and ry can join in on more of the fun that j brings everywhere he is.