Wednesday, June 20, 2012

it's time to brag about my husband.

yesterday was ryan's birthday, so i'm going to take this chance to brag about him a little bit (yes, he is going to KILL me for this). you see, i don't know how it happened, but the Lord so very graciously gave me the most perfect husband for me. i have never met someone who loves like ryan loves - his heart couldn't be any bigger and even better, he is always seeking to glorify and serve the Lord in whatever he does. he's a far better person than i am and i'm not quite sure why on earth i would be so blessed. he takes ephesians 5:25 (husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself up for her) to heart as he serves and leads our family.

as we grow and learn in our marriage, i can't help but be excited about watching him  become a father to jacob. he already loves him so much, i can't wait to see him hold him for the first time! over the past couple of weeks months my overly talented husband has been working on projects for jacob's room. most of these he came up with in his own head...take a look:

this is the mobile. he made each part of this from scratch, including the animals. he traced the animals onto pine and cut them each out with the jigsaw. he then primed and painted the animals and figured out how he wanted to hang them with twine. you can't see it too well, but we found a thick rope to hang the mobile from the wall brace he made. it's one of the coolest things he has EVER made and this picture doesn't quite do it justice...but it was hard to get different angles of it, since it's hanging high on the wall.

this is the lamp he made. we saw a lamp similar to this in a shop in stowe that was a couple hundred dollars. we thought it was super cool and of course ry thought he could recreate he did. it was a LITTLE harder than one would think, since drilling through river rocks is not the easiest thing in the world to do. he went through a couple masonry bits on the drill, but he finally got through them all. we had bought a junky lamp from walmart to disassemble for the parts of lamp, but all we ended up using was the base and the cord. we picked up the light bulb holder part of the lamp at the hardware store and he was able to thread everything properly and he ended up with what you see. pretty cool, huh?

these next two pictures are not formatted well for the blog, but i needed to make them big enough so that you could see the detail...

this was our first project that we completed. it's not a good picture because i thought i had a better one on the computer, but i didn't. we took old pallets and hooked three of them together for the back. then ry cut out the letters of Jacob's name with the jigsaw, primed them and painted them. red is our accent color, so we thought it'd be fun to do his name in red. we used wood glue to hook them on and that was that. one day it will hang above his changing table once we are in the place where we will actually be living.

and then there's this mosaic! ever since we learned of jacob we wanted to put a map in his nursery. we love learning about different cultures and so we wanted that to be a part of jacob's room somehow. we thought about just buying a map, but then ryan thought it'd be fun to make a world map mosaic. for this he made a frame out of the pallet wood so it would match the jacob sign. he then blew up different pieces of the map and somehow traced it all onto a board he had mounted in the frame (he did that part while i was on a MA trip, which means it took many hours to do so). then we picked out tiles and smashed them up and went to work on putting the land together, followed by the water. then came the final grout and it was done! we estimated that it took about 25-30 hours for this project...but it was totally worth it and we might actually steal it from jacob to put elsewhere in the house...but for now it's in his room!

so there you have it - the nursery pieces we've been working on. they were all ry's ideas and i told him that i'd write on the blog that they were joint we'll pretend they were joint efforts ;) isn't my husband unbelievably talented?? 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

so the due date has come and gone...

there i am on my due date...yes, i'm huge. i feel like i've doubled in size in the last five weeks. june 18th has finally come and gone, just as we figured it would. thankfully we had prepared ourselves to not meet our little man by june 18th, so we weren't disappointed (if you continually tell yourself that he won't come by his due date, then it's just an added bonus if he comes!). i had my 40 week appointment and our midwife didn't say too much, just that it's typical for a first child to take a bit longer to make their appearance. we set up our next week appointments, including the non stress test, ultrasound and regular weekly appointment and were on our way in hopes of meeting jacob sometime this week. we know that the Lord is in complete control and that He is just putting the final touches so he comes out just as he is supposed to. we cannot wait to meet jacob, but we are content knowing that God is in control.

after our appointment we grabbed dinner at boloco and scored, not one, but two free burritos!!! ry had a birthday burrito and we had saved enough points on our boloco card for another. it was beautiful, so we ate outside while we listened to two youngsters play the violin and cello. then we headed off for a nice long walk and enjoyed some us time by the water. we are soaking up every minute of us time we can get as life is about to change slightly.

doesn't the lake look gorgeous?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

38.5 weeks of jacob jay

i am terrible at remembering to take weekly photos. i do believe i will kick myself for not doing this at a later date. anyways, sometimes i take pictures on my phone to send to my mom. here i am at 38.5 weeks in my favorite hoodie and my favorite soccer shirt. gordon soccer has outfitted me most of my pregnancy (working at home while pregnant = genius), though my soccer shirts are quickly becoming too small - only the really soft russell ones fit.

that belly looks ridiculous to me. every time i see my reflection it freaks me out just a little. i am not going to lie, i cannot wait to be back to normal size...if i can ever achieve that again.

things i am excited for:

+meeting jacob
+watching ryan be the most wonderful father in the world
+eating foods that i like such as anything with citrus (oranges, lemonade...) and not throwing up
+giving and receiving real hugs (please ask my brother the kind of hugs i receive now)
+not being nauseous for nine months straight...even on anti-nausea pills
+sleeping on my belly and my back and my right side
+playing soccer
+hugging beans...he has refused to jump up and give me hugs ever since i started showing
+not wearing maternity clothes

things i will miss:

+watching and feeling my belly move around constantly
+knowing jacob is growing safe and sound in there
+eating ice cream all the time and convincing myself it's okay because it's calcium for jacob

clearly there is not much i will miss about being pregnant. it hasn't been what i would call the most enjoyable experience of my life. however, it is one of the coolest things that i've been able to do. think about it. think about what this baby starts as and then ends as. it's truly a miracle.

for You formed my inward parts; You wove me in my mother's womb. i will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. - psalm 139:13-14